Deliciously Deadly Hallows

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Went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter last night and I must say: O.M.G.

First off, the theater was beyond packed with WAY too many adults dressed up as either Harry or Hermione. (what about Ron? Why not dress as him? He’s awesome too! Lol) I know it ‘s all in good fun the level of commitment to the costumes were BEYOND intense for me. But besides that, I was ready with yummy fresh popcorn and an ice cold coca-cola at my side. Magic time.

Now, you know I’m not going to just out right tell what went down, but I must highly recommend Potter lovers to go as early as possible (before school lets out if you’re able) because afternoon and night time will be HECTIC!!

Naturally the movie started with the classic tune that any wizard/witch would identify as the Harry Potter theme. Everything was slow and nice at first, then  you were slapped with hardcore action about ten minutes in! That’s pretty much how it stayed through out the movie. Add in some funny parts, sarcasm, Harry Potter style drama, great one-liners and a dash of kissing/nudity and you’ve got Deathly Hallows Pt. 1.

And yes, I said kissing/nudity.There’s a nice innocent one between Harry and Ron’s sis and then…

Don’t flip out though parents. (even though seeing the scene did send me into a giggling/snorting frenzy) It’s not like that showed full frontal (or behind) nudity, but they came damn close. I was slightly upset with it, but then I got over it two seconds later. (it’s a quick scene and then action takes over)

SPOILER (scroll past this part if you’re going to see it)
-As Ron and Harry were attempting to destroy the necklace, a ghostly appearance of Harry and Hermione showed in front of Ron (mind you Hermione isn’t actually in the scene, it’s just a ghost like smoke image). The fake Harry/Hermione were talking down on Ron, trash talking and making him feel like crap. And then the images ‘flickered’ and it showed Harry and Hermione kissing…like, hardcore kissing. Now, up to this point Harry has already bared just about everything except for  his privates (thank god, the teen crowd would’ve had heart attacks if he did), but at that moment Hermione looked bared from the waist up (didn’t see anything below the waist, smoke was covering it) Harry’s arms was basically covering her breasts, but the slightest (and I say slightest) top part of her breast could be seen.
They were making out and holding each other for maybe all of not even thirty seconds, before Ron destroyed the necklace and stopped the scene from progressing. Like I said earlier, it was a quick scene, but the few youngins (yes, kiddos as young as 7 were there at midnight) were gasping and pointing out a ‘naked Hermione’ to their moms and dads. Even a few adults were taken back by the scene and voiced it, loudly.

“Seriously? This is a kid’s movie!”
“Wow, wizard porn much?”
“That was a bit much, seriously now, what the hell!?”

Those were the few I heard and paid attention to before ignoring them. So yeah, that’s the only thing that would possibly cause a stir in Deathly Hallows for kiddos. Even so, I’m not taking Cameren to see it. Not because of the mini nude part, but because of how damn depressing it would be for him. He’s a child. He wants to laugh and enjoy himself. Yes there’s great action and fight scenes that all boys love, but the death parts and crying and sadness isn’t something he’d enjoy. He once said, “I don’t like that one much” (about the 6th Potter movie” So I asked him why.

“Dumbledore died. I don’t want him to die, Harry needs him. Snape’s mean and Draco is a dick.” <—rofl at the last part. (sadly he did get in trouble for saying that)

Cameren is very mature for his age, but still, he can’t handle the constant downers and deaths that go on in the Potter series. So, I opted to NOT take him to see it. Same thing will go for Breaking Dawn if I don’t like what I see. It already scares me how obsessed with Twilight he’s became, but the boy memorized all the lines from the first two movies. Seriously, he memorized them. o_o  Depending on the honeymoon scene, I may or may not take him to see it, it just depends. Cam’s one of those kids that will ask every question in the book about something if he’s curious and I honestly don’t want his mom to flip out if he asks why Bella and Edward were sexing on screen. LOL.

Back to the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry, I must say that Radcliffe, Grint and Watson were SPECTACULAR in this film and you can tell they definitely matured between the last film and this one.

That’s all I’m spilling so far, but I’ll leave it with this: you WILL be on the edge of your seats by the time the movie is over!! I swear it’s like they got your heart pumping and then…it’s done. Cruel. Lol. Got me excited and craving more! Woot!

Well I gotta go peeps!! I’m off to sweet talk my bf (who by the way is trying to sweet talk me to go to Vegas) and to annoy my aunt to no end.






‘Round n ‘Round

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Quick update- special fic I wrote for Kentia went very well, in fact I added a bonus chap right after I read the reviews because I was in such a good mood. Here’s reviews for the bonus chap!

From: Francis Spire

Date: 2010-10-31

Chapter: 3

NIIIIIIIICCE! i absolutely loved this, thank you for blessing us all with this beautiful creation XD


From: Vampire Princess

Date: 2010-10-31

Chapter: 3

Mmm nummy hehehe that was so sexy 😉 I really enjoyed reading this!


From: Penelope

Date: 2010-10-31

Chapter: 3

lol hmmmm interesting. Poor Chaz probably burned the pancakes. Mike was so forceful, which is a bit of a different take on things, always good to read something a little different 🙂 Awesome work!


From: Starsmile

Date: 2010-10-31

Chapter: 3

woohooo! love the hotness ^.^

awesome work 😀


From: Bennodaluvverr.

Date: 2010-10-31

Chapter: 3

THis was pretty hot hehe! I loved it! Sucj goood slashiii goodnesss! xxx


From: TYshangshan

Date: 2010-11-01

Chapter: 3

Muhahahahaha! yeah so HOTTTTTTTT!!!! and have sex in kitchen, awwwww! so much HOT XDDDDD i totally love it!

I recommend you to grip the counter.” 

this! made me laugh and happy in my pants LOL~~

two man full of lust! mike really surprised chaz right? XDD chaz must love that~
and bit thing is my love too~ 😀

Amazing work! must add fav! >:D


From: vws_[lpfan]_83

Date: 2010-11-01

Chapter: 3

This story was awesome I giggled so hard hot and cute @ the same time 🙂


From: Teenage Dirtbag.

Date: 2010-11-01

Chapter: 3

Okay, I was reading the second chapter and this part:

‘The singer just watched as the pair of boxers were flying across the room. He wasn’t even sure how Mike got them off so fast.’ …made me giggle so hard that I literally had to sit back for a couple of minutes and catch my breath. Just the thought of Mike’s boxers arcing through the air…ahem. Yeah. I’m going to go read the rest of the chapter now.
Good job on this!

From: LinkinFreak92

Date: 2010-11-02

Chapter: 3

I just read the three chapter and that was so HOOOOOOTTTT!!!! I’m rating this 🙂


I was more stoked about Vampire Princess liking it! She’s one of the very few people that inspire me. I LOVE HER stuff 😀


I borrowed Fable III from a friend, because I decided not to buy it just in case I was horribly disappointed like I was with Fable II. (ugh, just typing it makes me angry lol)

After playing all three, Fable is still the best! It came out in 2004 and still to this day I prefer that over the new ones. But, I must say, the third is pretty fun.

For those who aren’t familiar with the series, Fable is set in an imaginary area called Albion (must be based on England because of everyone’s accents) and you play as a boy (you get to choose which sex you are in Fable II and III) who’s home town was burned down by bandits and thiefs. The boy was saved and raised in a guild that trains Heros.

The boy learns to fight with swords, arrows and the use of magic ( I fancied the arrows myself). After he’s fully trained and grown up, the boy sets out to seek revenge on those who destroyed his town and to find his long lost sister (the only other survivor of the fire). It might sound boring at first, but, the catch is this: every little thing you do will give you a good or bad aura about you. If you, let’s say, go on a killing spree and wipe out an entire city, people will run from you and fear you. BUT, if you save people and do kind deeds, everyone will love you and cheer for you. (if you must know, i’m just about ALWAYS evil. do you know how hard it is to be good in fable?!)

It’s an action/adventure, role-playing game that is entertaining and very addicting to play. Cameren likes to watch me play alot, though I don’t let him play unless I’m in the room. (It’s rated Mature for suggestive themes…I mean, orgies, stds and condoms are in this game…so…yeah)

If you play on Xbox (or PC!!) and like role-playing and/or action games, this could be for you! (ew, i sound like a cheesy ad lol)


Oh! Had an interview today, and I have one tomorrow at Razzoos! Second interview, so hopefully that’s a good thing! (Razzoos is a cajun place, YUMMY)

There’s quite a few new eating places coming here to Killeen lately. Two in particular that I’m excited to try: Mooyahs and Tilted Kilt. Mooyahs is a Burgers, Fries n Shakes kinda place. That sounds delicious! Plus, it’s decorated to look like a cow o_o who can resist that?!

Tilted Kilt is an Irish bar/grill place and it looks AMAZING! Only thing that disturbs me is that it’s literally the Irish version of Hooters -_-‘  I’m not too excited about the food there, but I’m seriously excited about the bar…don’t give me that look! You know I’m attracted to vodka!! Lol. My real goal is to find a beer that I would actually enjoy. Who better to help me than the Irish!? (I have a few Irish friends and lemme tell you, they can drink like it’s nobody’s business.) XD


Is anyone else excited about Harry Potter coming out in a few days!? I’m a bit sad to see the series finally end, but totes (hehehe, Cheeks) excited to see Radcliffe on screen. Pfft, don’t knock it! Radcliffe isn’t the cutie little boy anymore, he’s a bonafide hunk of British man meat with killer accent and abs-ugh, smile…nice smile …-_-‘

And I have a thing for Voldemort. I can’t go into gooey yummy details like I can with Radcliffe. I mean, the guy is pure evil. But bad guys were MADE so girls can love them. DUH!! Lol.  Oh, if you have Twitter, check Voldemort’s page. He cracks me up! He is heavily sarcastic so if this bothers you, don’t read his tweets. I mean, it IS Voldemort.


But yeah o_o’ I’m ever so slowly running out of my sugar energy (i know, i know. but i ate some cake…) so i’m going to play Fable III until I pass out XD


Oh, and I’m doing questions again for the next post. Give them to me!! ❤



Creepy Demon Katie (paranormal activity)

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I’m not sure if I’ve posted about me seeing the first Paranormal Activity or not, but I’m going to give my lovely review on the 2nd one.

First of all: Katie Featherston…you creepy, creepy woman. I will LITERALLY run in the opposite direction if I ever came across you in public…so serious right about now. (the fact that she’s a Texan native makes me cringe lol) And yes, before any of you ask, I am WELL aware of the fact that the movie wasn’t based on real/actual events.
But when you’re like me with a seriously super imaginative imagination, none of that matters. Therefore, if I come across Katie and or Micah Sloat in Texas:  I. AM. RUNNING.


Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the movie (the first one), Paranormal Activity follows a young couple in their beautiful big home through the span of a month. (October 2006). The film is shown through a hand held camera (just like someone running around filming everything) in everyday events, until the couple realize something strange was going on. Things around the house would move on it’s own, stomps and breathing could be heard. Shadows could be seen and poor Katie felt most of it. It took a good half of the movie for her to get Micah (the dork who bought the camera in the first place) to understand that what was happening wasn’t a joke.  Finally Micah decides to place a camera in their bedroom to film what goes on at night while they’re sleeping. Doors opening/closing and the loud footsteps near Katie’s side of the bed were happening at fisrt.
Things got worst when Micah bought in an ouija (or ‘borrowed‘ as he put it) against Katie’s will. The demon (not ghost) then begins to hurt Katie; first pulling her out the bed and then dragging her down the hallway where she was bitten. (being bitten means she can now be possossed) From that night on she would be possessed and would stand next to Micah and…just watch him. (lol, that part was more comedic to me than scary) Finally at the end Katie is again possessed and goes into the kitchen (where you hear her scream like a banshee was attacking her), Micah, being the good boyfriend, runs in there to help her.

Naturally you don’t see or hear anything (since you’re watching it from the bedroom camera) but then you hear something come up the stairs. Before you can register what’s going on, Micah’s lifeless body is thrown into the camera and it hits the floor. (camera is knocked over on the ground) You see Katie stand by Micah and kneel, drinking a handful or two of his blood (GRODY…EW!) before looking at the camera and smiling. (rushes the camera and reveals a demonic like face…which is just a couple of extra rows of shark like teeth). At the end, various statements pop up to explain a few things.

“Micah died October 2006, his body was found later.”

“Katie Featherson is nowhere to be found”

(those aren’t the exact wordings but you get the idea) On the dvd extra, the second ending is Katie rocking back and forth on the floor until she hears the police busting in downstairs. They start to yell (‘come out now! come out with your hands raised!’) and she goes outside the bedroom door, where you hear a loud BANG. (she’s still possessed when she does this btw. and the bang could either be the police shooting her, or the demon doing something, i can’t tell) The third ending is Katie coming upstairs from killing Micah and closing the bedroom door behind her. She walks to the camera, smiling (not a demon face, just her smiling) and slits her own throat before falling to the ground.


I liked the first one, but the second was SO much better! Plus, I think since  I’ve seen the first that I went in already anxious and somewhat already scared of the events that were about the happen on screen. (it’s so fun being scared, especially since I dragged my aunt with me to see it! lol)

So Paranormal Activity 2 is set in August 2006, two months before October. It shows Katie’s sister Christie and her family: her husband, step-daughter and her son, Hunter. (Hunter is a new born, and a cutie!) Basically this time you get to see how the first movie started. (Micah is alive in this one until the end of it) I’m not going to fully just out explain what happens unless you ask (and I’ll do THAT in email, not on here just in case some peeps want to see it). But I must say: IT. IS. GREAT!!!

Both movies just confirms my belief in not screwing with the dead and or demons. (ie: ouija boards and what not…NO) I don’t fully believe in ghosts, and I don’t fully not believe. My view is, I’m not going to go out and search for ‘spirits’ and what not out there on purpose. I don’t see a point in that. I WILL NOT play with ouija baords and other crap. My main thing is, if it was me that just died and was resting, and some idiot woke my soul up with a ouija board, I’d hunt his ass too. (ROFLMAO) Just saying.

So yeah, it is DEFINITELY worth it to go see Paranormal Activity 2, if you haven’t seen the first, please, PLEASE do. What makes is scary? The simple camera angles and just the building of suspense is what gives this film a great scare advantage.



I just FINALLY finished my special story written for my bestie Kentia. (it’s a fanfic and yes, it’s a slash) I posted it on a popular Linkin Park fanfic site, so I’ll see how others like it by the morning. (only posted chapter one tonight, chapter two will be submitted tomorrow) Thanks to Kentia I’ve got the writing bug and will possibly be writing more fanfics pretty soon. Plus, I love Bennoda fics. (Bennoda= Mike Shinoda + Chester Bennington)

Aside from that, I found a great culinary arts place that I know I’d enjoy out in Austin: Le Cordon Bleu. All I have to do is save up, find a place and apply. (applying won’t be the hard part, but finding a place will be)

That’s it for now! I’m SOOOOO tired from all the hours of playing Sims 3 on xbox (that’s right, its on xbox now!) I’m going to hit the sack! NIGHT peeps!!


ps, Katie, you’re still very creepy. Pretty, but creepy.

pps, Micah, I do not like your character at all sir…not at all… -_-‘


Love Your Inner Freak-Spirit Day

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HEY GUYS! This post has to deal with the LGBT community, so if you’re not comfortable with that, don’t read.

If any of you follow my Twitter accounts, you may have noticed that I’ve been re-tweeting alot of the #SpiritDay, #StopBullying and #ItGetsBetter that the NOH8 Campaign has helped to start. [NOH8’s twitter account, check it out!]

Just in case you haven’t heard, there have been quite a few suicides happening to our youths because of gay bullying. This is insane. No child/teen/adult  should feel so bad that they think they need to take their own life. We need to reach out and let them know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE. I myself have no experience with gay bullying, but I have had experience in bullying. My highschool years was not as fun as I hoped it would be. I was teased, made fun of and bullied by many of my peers (mostly females, kind of like a ‘mean girls’ ) from 8th grade until graduation. And those same people that made my life hell, have added me on Facebook and talk to me as if we were the best of friends.

It shocks me.

When I asked them face-to-face about why they did what they did to me, and most of them said, “It was fun.”/ “You aren’t like the rest of us.”/ “You were weird.”/ “I just didn’t like you.”/ “It was just a bit of teasing, it happens to everyone.”  SERIOUSLY!? What makes bullies think that just because someone is different, or ‘weird’ that they can just tease them? What gives them that right to make someone hurt? Make someone cry?

I understand teasing is going to happens, I’m pretty sure it happens to every one at some point in life. But honestly, by the time it’s high-school, you’re old enough to know better. I think the school staff (all high-schools) need to do better jobs in monitoring what’s going on in the halls/bathroom/classroom/lunchroom/etc. With regular bullying, teachers are all on it, but with gay bullying, I believe they treat it differently. I never remember teachers getting involved at my school with the ‘homosexual troubles’. I understand it’s a sensitive subject, but ignoring it doesn’t make it go away, it makes the problem so much worse.

And kids nowadays, their teasing has gotten SO much worse than when I was in school. Now teens have to worry about whether snarky remarks were made about them on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Whether videos were taken of their beatings (now I have seen this at my school several times) were placed on YouTube or not. Their own peers texting back and forth behind their backs, giving glares and sneers down the hallway.

For what?

Because they like someone of the same sex?

Why is that anyone else’s business?

What makes you care about what someone does in their bedroom and with who?

I wonder how it would feel to have your personal preferences out on blast on a daily basis and then to be harassed verbally, physically, mentally over it. To be made to feel like I’m not worth living anymore.

To feel like I’m alone.

A freak.



Is their opinion not important? Can they not love someone freely as you do? I simply don’t understand this. I understand how people are quick to bring up religious points and what not, believe me I do. But I also understand that the God I was raised to believe in had taught me to love EVERYONE. But hey, that’s just me. What makes me cringe mostly is when the Bible is tossed carelessly through out everyone’s argument over gays. Like I said, I understand if what homosexuals do go against your religion, but to go to the extremes that I’ve seen people do and to say it’s in the name of God…NO. I’m sorry, but that’s complete and utter shit. How does that make what you stand for right?

“Oh, I’m going to call you out of your name and make you feel like complete crap in the name of God cause the Bible told me to do it.” is not an excuse and I wish it wasn’t used.

But again, that’s just my opinion.

So here’s my message to the LGBT and other teens that are victims of bullying: LOVE YOUR INNER FREAK.

Don’t feel bad for who you are inside and out. If you’re gay, be gay, if you’re a nerd, be a nerd. Don’t let the labels everyone tags you with bring you into a negative state mentally. Be bold, be confident, smile when they glare and laugh when they make rude remarks. (honestly that has helped me in the past). The more you let it eat you up inside, the more they’re going to attack you. If you stand up for yourself, stand up for a friend and ignore that things that’s being said, sooner or later the bullies will lose interest and move on to much ‘juicier gossip’. Yes, high school sadly works like that.

Just know that you are NOT ALONE. You’re never alone. I know it feels like that at times, believe me I do. But the truth is, there are hundreds of others who feel the same way you do, who have to go through the same things that you do. Seek them out, befriend them , stand up for one another. Or go online, talk to those who’ve been through the same things.

Pride Flag

Like I said earlier, I haven’t had problems with gay bullying, just regular bullying. But I have many homosexual friends that’s been through it. I’m not going to lie, it was scary, and heart breaking to see/witness.

The first couple of times I was too afraid to help, but after I witnessed a friend cry from a beating at school, all fear left. I raised my voice, talked to people, talked to teachers, made it a point to DARE others to come near my friends again.

(I know, I know, violence isn’t the answer)

My point is, I let my friends know that I would be by their side when they needed me. That they didn’t have to go through that alone. That I could be their safe zone 🙂


With that being said, Wednesday [10/20/10], people will be wearing PURPLE to show support for those who fell victim to the bullying. Please show your support! Spirit Day will be a day of equality and #plur [Peace, Love, Unity, Respect]



Here’s some links to some sites that might be helpful:

HRC Back Story (LGBT Equality)

It Gets Better (Hilary Clinton)

It Gets Better (Adam Lambert)

It Gets Better (Chester Bennington)

Gay Center (LGBT Community)


Awesome Sign


Thanks for reading, peeps. Hopefully this helped, even a little 🙂

watashi wa danie-ru to iimasu

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Ok, so it seems that I haven’t given enough ‘fun facts’ (lol to Steamy Muffin for that) about myself. Honestly I didn’t think I would need to tell alot about me cause most of ya’ll that do read are already friends. But I was WRONG!! XD Lol.

I’m not sure what to say, soooo, I’m just going to reply to a few of the questions that I get in my emails. And yes, they will be written exactly as I’ve received them, lol so warning: some semi-language. (Steamy Muffin, Toadz and RavR…you three are the WORST!! lol)

“dude wtf with no bio intro!? you just went into random blog w/out anyone knowing you!! LOL”

-This is true. I almost always forget that when I start a new blog, that I should do a proper intro that tells a bit about me. BUT, I always forget to. Like I said, most of you who read are those who already knew who I was. Since you’re getting my links from my facebook, twitter and myspace (that I hardly use) you were already acquainted with me some how. So, SORRY! Next post I’ll try (key word: try) to add more about me.


“what happend with jessie?! you never explained biotch! TELLZ MEH!”

-O_O Oh that is right. I can’t explain that in this answer XD lol, but, I will do so in a whole post dedicated to Jessie.


“sersly dani, aren’t u afraid of ppl thinkin ur a slut with ur pervy crap? i dont wanna have to kick some1’s ass for messin with ya.”

-Honestly, I haven’ shown my perve side on this blog yet. I’ve tried to keep that in check as much as possible, because I’m aware that there are some readers who aren’t comfortable with such talk. I can go WAT over board with my perverted talk and I don’t want to scare others off, lol. BUT, when it comes to talking about Lambert…I probably won’t hold back. He’s just too sexay!! XD And thanks Toadz, you’re the best 🙂


“you never told what kind of things you like. like, music, food, tv, etc. you always give such good ideas and i want to know more.”

-That is right, I haven’t really told too much about stuff like that. I just start ranting about things that are going on cause that’s just what I do XD I will add all of that fun stuff in my intro that I promised earlier.


“u single?”

-Yes, I am. Worst questions ever by the way. Pffft!


“kinda sorta wish youd stop gettin all these twitters and blogs!! hard to keep up with! shit!”

-I know! I know! My mind works better if I have lots of stuff going on, so I have two Twitter accounts [ @Sherae_ and @Totes_Random] and two blogs. I’m working on my poems and my stories. Got graphic design and my regular sketching going on. The more stuff I have going, the better I seem to be able to think. I’m not sure why that is though o_o’ Don’t worry, I doubt I’m creating another Twitter…unless I have a good reason to 😉


“what you been up to wit your life AND are you ever going back to CTC (if so i can ninja there sometimes)”

-Yes, I am going back to CTC (Central Texas College). I was actually supposed to be there NOW, but a computer problem at the management office kept me from signing up for classes. Annoying  I tell ya’. And I’ve been doing…EVERYTHING. o_O’ Re-learning Japanese (as you can tell by my title of this post), working on my story, job hunting, college/house hunting in Austin (wanna go for Culinary Arts) and since I’m single…guy hunting XD

The rest of the questions are too disturbing and down right gross (Ravr, that’s YOUR fault…little pervert!! Lol!) for me to post so I’ll leave those out!

BTW: the title- ‘watashi wa danie-ru to iimasu’ means (I am called Danielle) in Japanese. WOOTNESS!!

I thought this was pretty awesome, so if you peeps have more questions (except for Ravr, you’re in trouble mister!) you can send them via email and I’ll answer them in a post! Yay!



Puppy Love

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I’ve mentioned earlier about Dallas but didn’t fully explain. I figured it would be easier to blog about it once instead of having to answer the questions over and over (sorry to those who’ve asked, I just hate talking about it)

Ok so, everyone knows about Dallas, my idiotic doofus of a dog. Around late-August, my mom and I noticed that he was starting to lose weight quickly. We ignored it since he was acting/eating/playing normally. Around September it got worse, much worse. He lost more weight and was being sluggish, and was tired all the time. He wasn’t eating, didn’t drink and it got to the point where he didn’t recognize me.

This happened within a two week period.

The first week it started, we immediately took him to the vet’s office. The main doc that sees Dallas was shocked, and recommended we take him to a special vet an hour away to get some x-rays and an ultra sound.  The lady we met to do the ultra sound was very nice and treated Dallas carefully as possible. She told us that it was cancer, and there was a very low chance he’d survive.

(we learned that Dallas’ mom and one of his brothers had died earlier this summer from the same cancer…it’s one of the down falls for labs)

I asked what we could do to help increase his chances. She said we could use meds and a special diet and he would possibly live, though less than a year. She gave us a few meds and told us the diet to try that weekend. After trying it out for two days, we knew Dallas couldn’t stay like that.

He couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand, his breathing was shaky and shallow. He didn’t even know who I was. My parents left the decision to me to make about what to do since he was mine. That next day I took him to the vet (with my dad and aunt) and had him put down. I’ve seen it happen before to a friend’s dog, but it’s so much different when it’s your own on the table.

The nurses were really nice, they helped to being him in, weigh him and put him on the table. [he weighed 60 lbs at the end. so much different than the big 80 lb dog  I was used to] I took off his collar and leash, we were given time to say goodbye.

It honestly wouldn’t have hurt so much if he wouldn’t have looked at me. The whole weekend he didn’t seem to notice me, and there he was on the table, starring directly at me and trying so hard to wag his tail. I didn’t even notice when the nurses returned. The main vet came in and was talking us through the process, but I don’t know what he was saying. In the needle he was holding, there was a soft pink looking liquid, that’s what he used to put in Dallas.

Dallas didn’t even flinch, he just stared at me the whole time. It took 12 seconds. He closed his eyes and after one last breath he didn’t move anymore. I’ve never felt such a pain before. My chest felt as if someone punched my insides out. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, couldn’t look away. In my mind he was only taking a nap and would be up later to play with me.

I don’t remember the ride home, or talking to anyone. I don’t even remember crying. It wasn’t until that night that I went into a mini shock. You see, at night, Dallas and I would watch tv and then we’d go to bed. (he usually slept in bed with me) I sat on the couch the whole night and waited. I was wanting to see him come down the hallway and go by my bedroom door like he always did. I literally waited on the couch for a week for him.

He never came.

Yes, I understand he’s gone. But it hard after years of caring and loving someone/something to break out of habit. Even now I find myself waiting at night. To feel him jump on the bed, nudge me away, bark for me to play. I find his toys and hair everywhere. I try not to cry or think about him but it hurts. I don’t want to breakdown (especially in front of my mom, it’s been super hard on her too) but every one in awhile I literally break down and can’t do anything about it.

For those who kept asking/saying (‘I understand you’re sad, but he’s just a dog, you can get another one) it’s not that simple. I will never get another lab again. Dallas will always be my one and only lab. I will however, one day get another dog, just not a lab. You see, he was always more than just a pet to me. I loved that dog. I still do. I never really thought of him as a dog much. I swear he was just a furry little human that walked funny (lol). He cheered me up when I was sad/hurt, he cuddled with me, kept me laughing, always made me smile. I have so many memories of him being so silly and I can barely remember some of them. Right now my only image I have of him mentally is of him on the table, looking at me. Mom tells me to try to not think of that, but I can’t help it. I knew from the beginning I shouldn’t of watch them put him down but I also knew that I wanted to be there for him. I wanted him to know that I loved him.

Him 3-4 months old










Him 2 years old










Dallas with his favorite little brother (Cameren)










Dallas in his favorite truck












Last pic of Dallas










With this post I want to deeply thank my friend Lacey who was there for me the whole time. I put alot on here when I go through things and she’s such an awesome friend 😀 (she lets me snuggle her puppies as much as I want, best friend ever!)

But yeah, that’s what happened. With this, I’m gonna make a promise to myself to not think of him on the table, but of him as my puppy, being silly like he always was. I want to remember a happy Dallas, my Dallas.

Mommy loves you



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It’s 1:35 am, I should be asleep…but I’m not. My reason?

One: The Last Samurai is on (I love that movie!!)
Two: Linkin Park Takeover is on Fuse Tv until 5 am…I can’t resist Linkin Park! XD

But I will go straight to bed after adding this post, cause my poor little eyes are burning and I’m dreadfully tired >_<‘


This is also another pointless post, but I’m doing it anyway, hehehe.

OH! New Twitter account (old one is @Sherae_ I do still use it) is @Totes_Random . Made it for pure idiotic randomness that won’t piss off my current followers on my other account, lol.

[i use WAY more hash tags on the new account than I do on the old one, that’s why I would consider it annoying and irritating]

Totally need to post updated pics and what-not of the house and myself. Got the pic snapping frenzy creeping it’s way into my system…not point in denying it! 0_O’

Gah! got caught up in watching The Last Samurai, forgot what else I wanted to write in this post >_<‘  lol. It’ll just have to wait I guess. Sorry peeps! You know I can’t concentrate very well!!